• Non-Chloride Accelerator

Product Description

  • NCA shortens set times while increasing early compressive strength.
  • It does not contain calcium chloride or any other materials that promote corrosion in steel. Unlike some other non-chloride accelerators, such as those containing calcium nitrite, NCA is not hazardous. No special handling, storage or transportation.


  • Accelerates the set-time / Provides higher early strength
  • NCA does not promote steel corrosion / Dosage can be increased for faster acceleration
  • NCA can be easily stored for use as needed / The material does not require heated warehousing.
  • Can be used in all weather / Acceleration is dependent on the dosage used.
  • The need for protection and heating of concrete in cold climates is reduced or eliminated / Allows faster reuse and stripping of forms.
  • Suitable for all types of concrete.

Fields of Application

Application Instructions


198450 Non-Chloride Accelerator 2.2Kg.