Crete Lease Bondbreaker

  • For Tilt-up;
  • Match Casting

Product Description

  • It does not wash off in moderate rains and leaves a clean concrete surface and no disfiguring patches of stain.
  • Can also be used as a curing compound. It is obviously compatible with itself as a release agent.
  • Is non-staining / Resists modest rains / Is non-toxic /Minimizes water penetration into base slab
  • Works well on broomed or textured concrete casting slabs.

Usage in Water Storage Structures

Crete-Lease Bond Breaker is non-toxic and non‐hazardous. After Crete-Lease Bond Breaker has fully dried it is no longer water soluble and should not transfer from the concrete surface into water contained in storage or transfer structures. If used for formwork then the residue must be washed off.

Fields of Application

  • Tilt-up Concrete Panels.
  • Temporary Protection of Surfaces eg. pavers during grouting.

Application Instructions

Application Instructions:

Crete Lease "Bond Breaker" requires special tips and sprayers. It can be applied using a ACTECH AIR POWERED Sprayer with 110/8004 tip or a Chapin 1949. It is recommended that a filter be used in the line.

Drying Time

Drying depends on temperature and humidity. At 20°C and about 50% relative humidity, you want Bond Breaker to dry in about 30 minutes. All water based coatings take much longer to "dry" when the ambient weather is near the dew point or the humidity is very high. Can take as long as two hours to dry when humidity is very high.

Removal After Erection:

High pressure water, approximately 1,000 psi (7,000 kPa) or higher, removes dried Bond Breaker. If water is hot, removal is faster.The film will disappear in 2 to 3 weeks in the sun.


1000BB-0005 Crete Lease "Bond Breaker" 5L
1000BB-0020 Crete Lease "Bond Breaker" 20L
1000BB-0200 Crete Lease "Bond Breaker" 200L
1000BB-1000 Crete Lease "Bond Breaker" 1000L


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)