Crete-Trete 309 VOC

  • A high solids, water based cure and seal for concrete.
  • Non Penetrating

Product Description

Crete-Trete 309-VOC Cure & Seal is an ASTM 309 Type I class B or Type I-D class B curing compound for use on fresh concrete. It is also a sealer for use on cured concrete floors, panels, walls, columns, precast or prestressed. Use it to protect architectural concrete such as exposed aggregate, hard landscape products, ornamental objects, etc.

  • Prevent concrete dusting
  • Prevent liquids from soaking into the concrete
  • Provide easier cleaning
  • Prevent carbon dioxide concrete reaction
  • Reduce clean-up costs from construction soils
  • Minimize salt water penetration

Fields of Application

Application Instructions

  1. Spray, roll or brush Crete-Trete 309-VOC at a rate of 10 to 20 m²/Litre. Prepare hardened concrete by removing dirt, oil and other soils from the surface. Scrub with Cresset's Floor Stripper 90. MOISTEN DRY CONCRETE WITH WATER (no standing puddles, however).
  2. Moisten concrete with water before applying. Dry concrete absorbs water from the "wet" Cure & Seal hindering proper film formation. Using Crete-Trete 309-VOC on dry concrete may result in a film with a white, flaky or dusty appearance as well as poor adhesion to the concrete's surface.
  3. Hot, windy conditions may cause "checking" of the acrylic film. Windy, drying conditions may prematurely harden the very top surface, trapping other ingredients underneath. Proper hardening allows for slow removal of all materials throughout the film's thickness.
  4. Avoid extra thick applications. Apply several thin coats rather than one thick coat. On thick coats the surface may harden first, trapping other materials in the film. This results in a white appearance. Frequently, the white disappears in a few weeks.


Depending on the absorbency of the surface between 7- 10 m²/L.


Code Pack
100309-0005 Crete-Trete 309-VOC 5.0L
100309-0020 Crete-Trete 309-VOC 20.0L
100309-0200 Crete-Trete 309-VOC 200.0L
100309-1000 Crete-Trete 309-VOC 1000.0L


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)