• Sur-Face Concrete Retarder

Product Description

Sur-Face Concrete Retarder now is available in 3 specification grades:

  1. SUR-FACE – standard viscosity for horizontal work, e.g. precast panels, construction joints key or kicker joints etc
  2. SUR-FACE TK – a gel version for use on vertical forms, ceilings, precast panels, walls etc. TK dries on the formwork to form a tough, water-insoluble, abrasion resistant film. It is not affected by light foot traffic or by light showers. Forms may be coated before or after erection. Reinforcing steel is placed as usual.
  3. SUR-FACE PLUS – a low viscosity product for extended open times up to 48 hours for large exposed horizontal jobs.

For all grades of SUR-FACE the depth of retardation depends upon variables like

  • The thickness of the coating,
  • The time elapsed before the retarder is removed,
  • The cement content and the quantity of water in the mix.
  • The ambient temperature

All SUR-FACE variants are non-toxic and biodegradable and comply with GREEN STAR- OFFICE DESIGN V3 IEQ-13.

Fields of Application

Application Instructions

For all horizontal applications

using SUR-FACE or SUR-FACE PLUS. Wait until all finishing procedures are completed just after the concrete loses its sheen, before the initial set.

Do not rework the concrete after SUR-FACE has been applied or an uneven finish will result. Apply SUR-FACE with a low-pressure spray on to the surface to revealed. To achieve a normal exposure on aggregate up to 20mm use undiluted at a rate of 1litre to 4m2. For aggregate between 6-10mm dilute SUR-FACE 1+1-2 with water according to the exposure required.

Remove surface mortar within about 8-24 hours after the initial set of the concrete. Time will vary depending on weather conditions. Use a stiff broom to loosen the mortar and remove with a low pressure hose sprayer.

For vertical, ceiling applications etc

Pre-coat forms with SUR-FACE TK, by applying a heavy coat with a brush or roller, and allow to dry (normally 2 to 4 hours). Brushes and equipment can be cleaned before the material hardens, using Alkaline Steam Degreaser. Mould oils should not be used on the forms. Coated surfaces should be protected from strong sunlight.

Curing if specified of SUR-FACE slabs can only be effectively achieved with conventional wet cure methods, as membrane cures will interfere with the revealing process.

Application Rate

4-8M²/L for surfaces.


185101-0020 Sur-Face Retarder 20L
185101-0200 Sur-Face Retarder 200L
185102-0020 Sur-Face PLUS Retarder 20L
185102-0200 Sur-Face PLUS Retarder 200L
185103-0020 Sur-Face TK Retarder 20L
185103-0200 Sur-Face TK Retarder 200L


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)