Suretard Liquid

  • Water Based Surface Retarder for Application to Concrete Top Face

Product Description


A light brown aqueous solution of penetrating and retarding agents.


  • A light brown aqueous solution of penetrating and retarding agents
  • Local over-application will not prevent uniform aggregate exposure.
  • Will not discolour concrete
  • Will retard but not kill set of cement therefore accidental contact with reinforcement will not impair bond of reinforcement to concrete.
  • A coverage of approximately 5 square metres per litre.

Fields of Application

Application Instructions


Apply uniformly by low pressure spray or fine spray watering can in temperatures above freezing to top face of freshly placed concrete immediately after completion of placing and compaction. An excess of surface water due to bleeding of an over-wet mix will hinder penetration of retarder, therefore any excess water should be removed before treatment. An efficient method of achieving this is by placing absorbent paper, such as newspaper, on the surface and sprinkling with cement. The cement can generally be used a number of times before it is no longer effective. After treatment protect from exposure to wind or early applied heat as this may evaporate the retarder carrier before it has penetrated the concrete surface. Any absorbent covering to the concrete, such as hessian, should not come into contact with treated face as this will soak up the retarder preventing penetration into the concrete surface. On thick sections and in warmer temperatures a second application should be made on the same working day.


A coverage of approximately 5 square metres per litre will generally be sufficient but in instances where the concrete mix is very dry and the material is immediately absorbed a heavier coating will be required so that a light residue remains on the surface.

Removal of Retarded Matrix

Remove by low pressure water jetting and brooming or wire brushing in two directions at right angles to each other. Under general conditions this should be done early on the day after placing but if this is not possible a further application should be made at the recommended rate as soon as possible on the day after placing.


159010-0020 Conac Suretard Liquid 20L


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)