Kodi Klip System

  • The Kodi Klip: The Klip that Grips!

Positioning and tying rebar has always been the most time-consuming element of concrete construction. No longer.

Finish Faster

Make connections faster, move-on to the next job quicker with the patented Kodi Klip™ Systems. Current rebar connections are extremely labor intensive and very slow. With our patented system, it will change the way you do your rebar business.

Finish Safer

Protect steel worker’s, give them the right tools for the job. Reduce cuts and wrist fatigue from using wire, burns and flash injuries from welding, and back injuries from bending. Watch accident rates drop, morale soar resulting in more production.

Finish Better

The Klip grips tight, dramatically reduces racking and creates stable connections The patented four-point grip gives you more consistent connections which makes Kodi Klips perfect for site-pour, precast and tilt-up concrete applications. Standard tie-wire is highly corrosive, causing potential structural deficiencies over time.