Dingo Vibrators

  • Handles designed to protect the motor perimeter against knocks.
  • Cable reinforcement at motor outlet.
  • Three handles around motor body and another handle on rear for use with short transmissions and upright jobs.
  • Anti-abrasion hose with integrated mesh reinforcement and interior strapping.
  • Reinforced needle connection by remoulding.
  • Easily removable and adjustable belt.
  • Foam and grating filter at air intake.
  • Leak tight switch protected from knocks.
Power (W) 2300
Voltage 230V 50~60Hz
Speed (rpm) 18,000
Weight (kg) 5.4
Dimensions (mm) 343 x 243 x 228
Code 76E.3

Vibrator Heads

Head 25 mm 76E.H25 TDXE
Head 38 mm 76E.H38 TDX
Head 48 mm 76E.H48 TDX
Head 58 mm 76E.H58 TDX

Vibrator Shafts

Shaft 0.7 M 76E.SH.TDX07 76E.SH.TDXE07
Shaft 1.0 M 76E.SH.TDX10 76E.SH.TDXE10
Shaft 1.5 M 76E.SH.TDX15 76E.SH.TDXE15
Shaft 2.0 M 76E.SH.TDX20 76E.SH.TDXE20
Shaft 3.0 M 76E.SH.TDX30 76E.SH.TDXE30
Shaft 4.0 M 76E.SH.TDX40 -
Shaft 5.0 M 76E.SH.TDX50 -
Shaft 6.0 M 76E.SH.TDX60 -