Maturix Type K Thermocouple

  • Intelligent Real-time Concrete Monitoring System
  • Better Scheduling
  • Remote Data Collection
  • Automatic Documentation

Product Description

Type K Thermocouple is a probe for the Maturix temperature and strength monitring system.

The type K thermocouple sensor measures temperature at the tip of the cable and is intended for Mat urix® Temperature and Strength Monitoring. Install the thermocouple, connect it to the transmitter and the temperature data will be sent continuously.

The cable consists of two durable conductors. It is insulated with PTFE (Teflon), which has excellent abrasion, flame and humidity resistance. The cable is designed to be both strong and with high flexibility so that it is suitable for multiple purposes.

The connector is the standard male Type K miniature with flat pins that allows easy connection to the transmitter.

Type K thermocouples are simple to use, versatile, widely available, and cost-effective temperature sensors ideal for concrete monitoring.


  • Measure temperature at any position with type K thermocouples
  • Industry-standard temperature sensor Multiple lengths available
  • High resistance and durability


  • Ideal for concrete monitoring
  • Flexible and versatile use 
  • Cost-efficient temperature & strength monitoring
  • Flexible positioning


Maturix Type K Thermocouple - Technical Data Sheet (TDS)