Plastic Screed Chair

  • Ø22 mm Conduit sold separately

New model for site production of screed chairs. Gives stable support to 45 mm diameter screed bars. Screed chairs are easily and quickly assembled from three components, a plastic saddle, a threaded shaft and a stable base section. The threaded shaft screws into the base section and enables the chair to be set accurately in height.

Code Name Pack
49SCRCH.TOP Screed Chair Top 100
49SCRCH.NUT Screed Chair Nut 100
49SCRCH.BAS Screed Chair Base 100
49SCRCH.BASHI Screed Chair Base - High 50
49SCRCH.BASLO Screed Chair Base - Low 50
412226-20R Conduit Dia 22mm x 2m 100 LM