Oscar Triangular Truss Type Screed

  • 6M to 25M
  • Over 12M lengths, a central winch is recommended.
  • Detailed Brochure Available.
Triangular Truss Modules 610, 1524, 2286 mm
Hand Winch And Cable
Head And End Parts
Engine Chassis
Electrical, Gasoline, Air


72T-1524 Truss Screed 1524 Beam
72T-2289 Truss Screed 2289 Beam
72T-610 Truss Screed 610 Beam
72T-HWR Truss Screed Hand Winch, Ropes
72T-SEU OSCAR Truss Screed End Unit
72T-SM OSCAR Truss Screed Motor Unit