The Maturix precast software is a web portal for concrete monitoring in precast productions. It provides an in-depth insight into the curing process of each monitored precast element.

What are the advantages of using Maturix?

The primary advantage of using Maturix is that it optimizes your production by using wireless sensors.

All your necessary data are in one place – Gain insights into the concrete temperature, maturity and strength development in real-time and optimize workflows based on data.

Optimise production based on data – Improve the time to demould based on curing data from the precast elements and cut down redundant waiting time while reducing the risk of slippage.

Automatic detailed digital documentation – All the data is easily accessible online and can be shared, exported or downloaded with a few clicks for easy digital reporting and documentation.

What are the key features of Maturix in Precast?

Optimise Your Production Cycle

The intuitive and easy-to-use software provides insights into all relevant parameters of the concrete curing:

Follow the concrete temperature, maturity and strength development in real-time.

Based on Concrete Maturity, the software automatically calculates the concrete strength development based on the temperature history and maturity settings stored in the platform.

Use a climate sensor to monitor the ambient climate in your production hall and optimise further.

Adjust cycles and demolding time based on the strength data from the monitoring to boost productivity while ensuring great product quality, reducing the risk of slippage and cutting waste.

Monitor, Follow and Improve

The software is accessible from any Internet-device. Furthermore, Maturix optimises your workflow with automatic messages. Lastly, every user across the organization gets access to the projects.

Process Optimisation Based on Data

Aligning the demoulding time with real-time data makes sure that the required strength has been reached before the elements are lifted. This ensures great product quality and drastically reduces time and energy.

All the data is stored in the cloud and can be easily saved, shared or downloaded. The extensive statistics in the program enable improvements of heating, concrete mixes and the overall production performance.

Dashboard View for Easy Overview

Follow the production process in the dashboard view and keep the overview of all your lanes, elements and casts. Set up a screen in the production halls to share the status easily with the production workers for better communication and easier scheduling.

Know exactly how far each element is in the curing process and plan the workflow according to the estimated time when the target is reached.

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