Patch and Repair

Master Emaco N 5100

Thin Layer Fairing Mortar

For thin layer patching up to 3mm thick. Quick and easy to apply, excellent bonding, durable, shrinkage compensated. Good base layer for coatings and panels.

  • Smooth final surface
  • Good base layer for coatings and panels
  • Can be feather-edged
  • Water and weatherproof
  • For vertical and overhead work

Master Emaco N 102 CI

Lightweight polymer modified repair mortar

MasterEmaco N102 CI is a non-structural, single component, polymer modified, repair and reprofiling mortar. MasterEmaco N102 CI when mixed with water is a mortar that contains special cements, graded sands, selected polymers to allow the mortar to be hand or trowel applied in thicknesses from 5 up to 100 mm.

Master Emaco S 5400 CI

High strength structural repair mortar

MasterEmaco S 5400 CI is a single component, extra high-strength, high modulus, shrinkage compensated structural repair mortar that meets the requirements of the new European Norm EN 1504 Part 3 class R4. MasterEmaco S 5400 CI contains Portland cement, graded sands, selected polymer fibres and special additives to significantly reduce the risk and incidence of shrinkage cracking. When mixed with water, it forms a highly thixotropic mortar that can easily be spray or trowel applied.