Rebox Rebating System

Rebox® is a reinforcing bar joining system manufactured from pre-bent Grade 500 N TEMPCORE reinforcement bars neatly packed and sealed inside a dimpled galvanised steel rebate box with smooth close-fitting galvanized lid. The Danley™ Rebox® is easily attached to formwork and/or the reinforcing cage. After the concrete has been poured and the formwork stripped, the design of the Rebox® allows for easy opening of the unit and access to the reinforcement bars ready for deployment.


  • Wall to floor connections
  • Wall to wall connections
  • Stair landing connections
  • Slab to slab connections
  • High rise lift and stair cores
  • Walk up apartments
  • Starter bars in precast and tilt up panels
  • Starter bars in slabs and footings for reinforced concrete walls
  • Starter bars in slabs and footings for reinforced block walls