Product Description

CSE PRO (formerly HEBAUNAL BEA )is a solvent-based (free of toluene or other aromatic hydrocarbons) surface deactivator for the production of exposed aggregate concrete surfaces in all exposure depths, from micro-exposure to the coarsest exposed aggregate concrete. CSE PRO functions reliably even under the most difficult application circumstances.

Advantages in Application

The active ingredients of CSE PRO are non-polluting and biologically harmless natural products.

CSE PRO is suitable for the negative (mould-surface-application) and positive application (spray-application on fresh/green concrete surface). It is economical, easy to use, can be sprayed, dries quickly, is abrasion-resistant and can be applied on all types of clean moulds. CSE PRO even functions reliably where other products fail (e.g. in hot weather or at weekend productions). CSE PRO is available in a wide range of well graded types.

CSE PRO can be used for all concrete surfaces with the highest requirements in every respect, above all for complicated elements with horizontal or vertical, smooth, structured or angular moulds, commonly known as architectural concrete, where other products often fail. For example Precast wall-panels, small decorative concrete units, driveways, etc.