ARMEG T3 Multifit Pointed Chisel (250mm long)

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ARMEG Chisel Range

Name Code  
Promac 25mm Wide x 500mm Long Chisel SDS Max Series 8SA.SDSM.G500MXC Order
ARMEG T3 Multifit Pointed Chisel (250mm long) 8SA.SDST.S+PC Order
ARMEG T3 Multifit Flat Spade Chisel (35mm Chisel 250mm 8SA.SDST.S+FCSP Order
ARMEG T3 Multifit Flat Chisel (20mm Chisel 250mm long) 8SA.SDST.S+FC Order
ARMEG 50mm Wide SDS Max Chisel 8SA.SDSM.G50MSXC Order
ARMEG 360mm Long SDS Max Point 8SA.SDSM.G360MXP Order
25mm Chisel 360mm Long to Suit SDS Max Series 8SA.SDSM.G360MXC Order


Product Features

  • Quality forgings and precision machining combined to provide durable steel
  • A broad range is available to cater to most demolition and rotary hammer machine types including:
    • SDS+ series
    • SDS Max series
    • PH65 series
    • K900 series
    • 28mm Hex Pneumatic and electric breakers.
  • Ideal for many applications including demolition, breakthrough work, chiseling stripping plaster and channeling
  • Can be used in most masonry materials such as concrete, brickwork, mortar, reinforced concrete, etc.


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