Colorfresh Intensive 20L

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Colorfresh INTENSIVE Range

Name Code Chemical Type Base Type Size Type Desc  
Colorfresh Intensive 5L 160120-0005 Sealer Water 5 Sealer Order
Colorfresh Intensive 20L 160120-0020 Sealer Water 20 Sealer Order
Colorfresh Intensive 200L 160120-0200 Sealer Water 200 Sealer Order


Product Description

  • Finish – will intensify the product’s natural colour
  • Suitable for concrete paving and concrete wall panels
  • Suitable for application onto smooth or structured concrete surfaces such as onto exposed aggregate, acid-washed, shot-blasted, polished concrete
  • Water and oil-repellent, breathable
  • The concrete surface must be moist for application.
  • Can be applied immediately after washing. If doing exposed aggregate, after acid-washing or after shot /sandblasting, or after grinding /polishing.
  • Hides colour tolerances

Fields of Application

For all absorbent natural and cast stone surfaces, e.g. polished concrete tiles, terrazzo, exposed aggregate concrete, sand-blasted and smooth concrete surfaces, sandstone, brick, etc. COLORFRESH INTENSIVE can be used for interior and exterior applications.



SKU 160120-0020
Shipping Weight 20 kg
Chemical Type Sealer
Base Type Water
Size 20
Type Desc Sealer


Colorfresh Intensive TDS (Technical Data)