Crete Lease 880 5L

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Crete Lease 880 Range

Name Code Chemical Type Base Type Release Type Size Type Desc  
Crete Lease 880 5L 100880-0005 Release Agent Oil/Solvent Chemical 5 Release Agent Order
Crete Lease 880 20L 100880-0020 Release Agent Oil/Solvent Chemical 20 Release Agent Order
Crete Lease 880 200L 100880-0200 Release Agent Oil/Solvent Chemical 200 Release Agent Order
Crete Lease 880 1000L 100880-1000 Release Agent Oil/Solvent Chemical 1000 Release Agent Order


Product Description

Releases any kind of form or formliner (except expanded polystyrene) from hardened concrete.

  • Forms and formliners strip easily and cleanly, also helps eliminate bug holes and stains.
  • It is easy to use and gives reliable results with no dust left on the mould.
  • It is the lowest viscosity release agent available
  • Eliminates bugholes – even with super plasticized concrete.
  • Promotes easy stripping, especially when applied in an ultra thin-film Can be used at 50 to 60 M2 / Litre.
  • Promotes easy clean-up of forms.
  • Is non-staining.
  • Will not transfer to the concrete surface – adhesion of caulks, paints, or coatings is not affected.
  • Does not effloresce
  • Does not “kill” concrete surfaces.
  • Does not wash off in moderate rain
  • It is biodegradable, nonpoisonous, and contains no carcinogens.

Fields of Application

  • Precast Beams.
  • Precast Panels with class 1 finish and /or fine detail requirements including formliners.
  • Insitu Formwork.
  • Pavers and products made in fibreglass moulds.

Application Instructions

Crete Lease 880 works best when applied thinly and evenly. The less you use the better the finish. We recommend using a fan tip with a low flow, such as 800015, 800067 tips. It can be applied using a manual sprayer like a Chapin 1949 or a compressed tank sprayer like the ACTECH Fatboy range. It is recommended that a filter be used in the line.

Because Crete Lease 880 is a reactive release agent, any excess in the edges or vertices should be mopped up – wait 30 minutes after initial spraying to check for this excess.

Works in either 5 minutes or up to 3 weeks after being put onto the mould. Please note that after heavy rain re-application is required.


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Crete Lease 880 MSDS 19.1 (MSDS)
Crete Lease 880 TDS (Technical Data)