Crete Trete 309-VOC 20L

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Crete Trete 309-VOC Range

Name Code Chemical Type Base Type Size Type Desc  
Crete Trete 309-VOC 5L 100309-0005 Sealer Water 5 Sealer Order
Crete Trete 309-VOC 20L 100309-0020 Sealer Water 20 Sealer Order
Crete Trete 309-VOC 200L 100309-0200 Sealer Water 200 Sealer Order


Product Description

Crete-Trete 309-VOC is a high solid, water-based cure for concrete. It exceeds ASTM specifications and all state and federal VOC regulations. Crete-Trete 309-VOC is an ASTM 309 Type I class B or Type I-D class B curing compound for use on fresh concrete.

  • Is water-based
  • Covers 10 M²/Litre
  • Is fast drying.
  • Has no unpleasant odors
  • Physically combines with a surface matrix of the concrete.
  • Is non-flammable
  • Applies easily by sprayer, roller, or brush
  • Does not contain cheap “filler resins”
  • Shows temporary “white when wet” colour where freshly applied
  • Wets fresh concrete better than solvent-based cures
  • Dries clear


Do not apply over puddles on the surface of the concrete. Do not use if the temperature drops below 10° C (50° F). Protect from freezing.

Applicable Standards

Exceeds ASTM C-309-89 for water retention at the rate of 10 M²/Litre. Exceeds California SCAQMD VOC rule 1113-90. ASTM C-309 officially replaces canceled Federal Specification TT-C-800A.

Application Instructions

Removal: Remove cured films of Crete-Trete 309-VOC with Cresset’s Floor Stripper 90.


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Crete Trete 309 VOC TDS (Technical Data)