Green Assasin 20L Dilute as required

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Green Assasin Range

Name Code Chemical Type Base Type Size Type Desc  
Green Assasin 20L Dilute as required 185111-0020 Maintenance Water 20 Maintenance Order
Green Assasin 200L Dilute as required 185111-0200 Maintenance Water 200 Maintenance Order


Product Description

Green Assassin is a biodegradable concentrated formula
designed to handle the removal of SURFACE CURE R a water-borne hydrocarbon curing compound, where the normal film degradation processes (UV and weather) have not been available viz. roved situations.

Green Assassin can also double as an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser for such diverse surfaces as kitchen floors to diesel engines. Green Assassin contains selected surfactants, water-soluble solvents and alkali salts to give an all-round performance in degreasing, rust staining, smoke stain removal and general cleaning.



SKU 185111-0020
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Chemical Type Maintenance
Base Type Water
Size 20
Type Desc Maintenance


Green Assasin SDS (MSDS)
Green Assasin TDS (Technical Data)