Surface Cure R 20L Drum Type 1-D (normal weather) Class B

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Surface Cure R Range

Name Code Chemical Type Base Type Size Type Desc  
Surface Cure R 20L Drum Type 1-D (normal weather) Class B 185115-0020 Curing Compound Resin 20 Curing Compound Order
Surface Cure R 200L Drum Type 1-D (normal weather) Class B 185115-0200 Curing Compound Resin 200 Curing Compound Order
Surface Cure R 1000L Drum Type 1-D (normal weather) Class B 185115-1000 Curing Compound Resin 1000 Curing Compound Order


Product Description

SURFACE CURE R is a liquid applied curing compound which consists of a processed blend of petroleum and resin-based hydrocarbons. When applied at the recommended application rate Surface Cure R minimizes moisture loss in freshly laid concrete thus improving the curing of the concrete providing increased strength and durability and improved resistance to surface dusting.


  • Rapid film formation
  • Water-resistant film formed
  • Utilises low VOC formula
  • Complies with GREEN STAR – OFFICE DESIGN V3 IEQ-13
  • Economical and easy application thereby reduces labour cost
  • Eliminates the need for damp hessian, sand, and polythene
  • Enables concrete to hydrate more efficiently
  • Increases concrete strength and dusting resistance
  • Reduces surface shrinkage and cracking
  • Odourless when dry

Application Instructions

SURFACE CURE R should be evenly sprayed (undiluted) over the freshly laid concrete as soon as possible after final trowelling. Ideally, SURFACE CURE R should be applied as soon as the surface bleed water has evaporated.

Certain adhesives for vinyl tiles, or other types of resilient flooring, and paints of an approved grade may be applied to concrete coated with SURFACE CURE R. It is important however that the concrete should be thoroughly cured prior to such application, and that a test area has been completed for approval.

Cement-based renders and toppings should not be applied over SURFACE CURE R. First remove the SURFACE CURE R by stripping with STRIP SEAL, EASI-ORANGE or sandblasting or scabbling to provide a mechanical key.

The life of SURFACE CURE R will depend on the weather exposure conditions to which it has been subjected; the coating is designed to break down with weathering. Continual exposure to UV  light and weather of at least 12 weeks is suggested to facilitate this process.

The bond of SURFACE CURE R is likely to fail if the product is applied to concrete or masonry substrates subject to backwater pressure, and/or where extraneous salt particles are carried from the substrate to the interface by vapour or condensation.

A clear appearance with a slight yellow cast is obtained. SURFACE CURE R will oxidize and break down when subject to ultra-violet radiation from sunlight. 5 m2 per litre (0.2L/m2) as supplied.


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Chemical Type Curing Compound
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Type Desc Curing Compound


Surface Cure R SDS (MSDS)
Surface Cure R TDS (Technical Data)