Surface Cure W 20L WAX Type 1-D Class A

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Surface Cure W Range

Name Code Chemical Type Base Type Size Type Desc  
Surface Cure W 20L WAX Type 1-D Class A 185125-0020 Curing Compound Wax 20 Curing Compound Order
Surface Cure W 200L WAX Type 1-D Class A 185125-0200 Curing Compound Wax 200 Curing Compound Order
Surface Cure W 1000L WAX Type 1-D Class A 185125-1000 Curing Compound Wax 1000 Curing Compound Order



A membrane-forming curing compound is a liquid material applied to concrete to restrict the loss of water during the early hardening period.

It consists of non-volatile solids mixed with either water or a solvent. The solvent, or blend of solvents, can be an aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbon, or another type of organic solvent.

After application, the volatiles evaporates leaving the solid material deposited as a thin film over the concrete surface.

Product Description

Surface Cure W curing compound is a Class A curing compound for use on new concrete that facilitates maximum moisture retention through 28 days curing period to maximise concrete strength & durability.

Surface Cure W, when applied by the correct method and at the recommended application rate, leaves a dried waxy film, as Surface Cure W is based on petroleum waxes combined with other additives.


Mix prior to use. Ensure SURFACE-CURE W is homogeneous.

Calculate the area to be treated, and pre-measure the volume of Surface Cure W.

Apply one full coat forming a continuous film at a rate of 5m2/L. wet on wet, as required to obtain the necessary application rate or use the volume. Ensure there are no misses.


SKU 185125-0020
Shipping Weight 20 kg
Chemical Type Curing Compound
Base Type Wax
Size 20
Type Desc Curing Compound


Surface Cure W SDS (MSDS)
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