Wabicon HP 5L

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Wabicon HP Range

Name Code Chemical Type Base Type Release Type Size Type Desc  
Wabicon HP 5L 160011-0005 Release Agent Water Chemical 5 Release Agent Order
Wabicon HP 20L 160011-0020 Release Agent Water Chemical 20 Release Agent Order
Wabicon HP 200L 160011-0200 Release Agent Water Chemical 200 Release Agent Order
Wabicon HP 1000L 160011-1000 Release Agent Water Chemical 1000 Release Agent Order


Product Description

  • Helps produce CCS 1 or CCS 2
  • Steel, wood, and plastic forms & form liners strip easily and cleanly from hardened concrete
  • Is a water-based, solvent-free mould release agent which produces a smooth, nonporous, spotless concrete surface
  • Will not transfer to the concrete surface – adhesion of paints or coatings is not affected
  • Inhibits rusting of forms

Fields of Application

  • Precast Beams
  • Precast Panels with Class 1 finish and /or fine detail requirements including form liners
  • Pavers and products made in fibreglass moulds


SKU 160011-0005
Shipping Weight 5 kg
Chemical Type Release Agent
Base Type Water
Release Type Chemical
Size 5
Type Desc Release Agent


Wabicon HP TDS (Technical Data)