Bentoproof Black PLUS

  • Sodium Bentonite Waterstop with protective coating

Bentoproof Black PLUS is a sodium-bentonite based swellable waterstop with a protective coating for sealing construction joints in concrete structures.

The protective coating prevents the bentonite tape to start swelling prematurely. Thus the installation is totally independent on the weather. The hardening process of the concrete will dissolve the protective coating. Then Bentoproof Black PLUS develops its swelling capabilities. If the sodium bentonite strip comes into contact with water it changes from its solid state into a plastic compound allowing it to penetrate the finest of cracks and cavities. Because Bentoproof Black PLUS is completely surrounded by concrete, a swelling pressure starts to built up against the surrounding concrete.

Swelling first starts time delayed. This is to ensure that the surrounding concrete has developed the necessary firmness to withstand such expansion.

Even after numerous wet/dry cycles, Bentoproof Black PLUS, embedded in the construction joint, will continue to function properly.

CodeNameSize (mm)Pack
1830317 Bentoproof Black PLUS 10 x 15 96 M
1830319 Bentoproof Black PLUS 15 x 20 40 M
1830318 Bentoproof Black PLUS 20 x 25 40 M
1830420 Bentoproof Black PLUS Swelling Paste 310 ml Box of 12

Bentoproof Black PLUS is available in paste form. This paste can be used in conjunction with Bentoproof Black PLUS or Polyproof X1 where the concrete surface is uneven.