Injection Hose System

  • Solution for Sealing Construction Joints

Product Description

WaterproofX 1, SX 1, WaterproofX 100, and PolyproofX 1 Injekt are a collection of injection systems used for sealing construction joints (including slab-wall, slab-slab, wall-wall). Following concreting, the injection hose functions as a channel for transporting grout material along the joint, allowing the joint to be sealed up securely, and to be maintained indefinitely – enabling you to provide up to a 100 year guarantee*!

The injection hoses are equipped with discharge ports, equally spaced over the entire circumference, allowing grout to be extruded into the construction joint.

Depending on the grouting material, the injection hose system can be re-injected with grout, once or numerous times - weeks, months, or even years later, should the joint gap change or increase in size. Changes in joint gaps often occur due to natural movements of the concrete, meaning that additional sealing is required, which, in normal circumstances often necessitates some degree of damage or demolition of the concrete in order to re-seal the joint. The ability to re-inject grout into the joint on numerous occasions means that the concrete joint does not need to be demolished to fix unpredictable problems associated with ongoing natural/unpredictable concrete movement that occur over time.

All hoses are durable and maintain dimensional stability over time. They are able to bend even at cold temperatures, making them easy to use.

Hose sections of up to 10 m may be injected with grout, but this increases to up to 30 m sectional hose lengths, if required, with the WaterproofX 1 (only single injection), WaterproofX 100 (multiple injections possible), and PolyproofX 1 Injekt (multiple injections possible).

Each type of injection hose system has its own innovative design appropriate for certain types of construction joints and environmental situations.

*The 100 year guarantee is dependent on the appropriate selection of hose system and grout material so that the hose can be reinjected over time.

Available Injection Hose Systems

WaterproofX 1

Waterproof X 1 is the "original" version of injection hose. Like all hose systems in the series, it features multiple injection capability and rinsing capability. It is applicable for a broad range of construction joints (slab-wall, slab-slab, wall-wall).

WaterproofX 100

WaterproofX 100 is the most technologically "advanced" injection system. It allows multiple injections of sectional hose lengths of up to 30 m. Its patented hexagonal cross-sectional design and outwardly curving contact surfaces allows improved contact with concrete surfaces, excellent sealing, and economic efficiency. It is applicable for a broad range of construction joints, and is the ideal injection hose system for tunneling projects.

SX 1

SX 1 is a highly "economical" injection system that is also applicable for a broad range of concrete joints. The SX 1 hose cross section is that of a square with convex-shaped sides, and a corresponding (4-sided) star-shaped internal geometry. This design provides a rectangular bearing with a high surface area when injecting grout and allows the hose to lie flush against the joint.

PolyproofX 1 Injekt

PolyproofX 1 Injekt is a combination of the WaterproofX 100 grouting injection hose and the expandable hydrophilic waterstop PolyproofX 1, all in the one system – and one installation process. The combined swell/injection system incorporates two water-sealing systems in the one hose, providing "double security" for joint sealing. It is particularly effective for highly critical concrete joints and construction joints with a high requirement for chemical resistance.

How It Works