WaterproofX 100

Product Description

WaterproofX 100 is a newly developed, certified, one piece injection hose that opens a new era of injection hoses after WaterproofX 1 and SX 1. It is made from a specially formulated plastic which features excellent usability characteristics. Following concreting, it functions as a channel for transporting grouting material along the joint, allowing the construction to be sealed up securely and to be maintained indefinitely.

WaterproofX 100 is the most technologically "advanced" injection system. It allows multiple injections of sectional hose lengths of up to 30 m, depending on the grout. Its patented hexagonal cross-sectional design and outwardly curving contact surfaces allows improved contact with concrete surfaces, excellent sealing, and economic efficiency. It is applicable for a broad range of construction joints (slab-slab, slab-wall, wall-wall), and is the ideal injection hose system for tunneling projects.

Like WaterproofX 1 and SX 1, the WaterproofX 100 hose is equipped with discharge ports, equally spaced over its entire circumference. This gives the injection hose optimum grouting characteristics. In addition, it has a patented hexagonal cross-sectional design and outwardly curving contact surfaces. The resulting hexagonal cells have the best wall-to-volume ratio of any type of injection hose, allowing improved contact with concrete surfaces, better sealing and increased economic efficiency.

The WaterproofX 100 hexagonal injection duct diameter is also optimised, with a maximum core diameter of 8.3 mm, such that the injection of abrasive grouting materials such as ultra fine cements or highly viscous resins is easily achievable.

The innovative hexagonal design of WaterproofX 100 is robust. Bending of the hose is not possible, owing to its hexagonal diameter-shape and curvatures, so that, unlike most comparable products,the duct cannot become blocked even if the hose is strongly distorted.
The wall thickness of the WaterproofX 100 injection hose is well-matched to the composition of the grout. This ensures that during the injection process the micro-ports open at low pressure (1 bar), allowing the injected material to penetrate all areas of the construction joint that require grouting. As a result, secure and long lasting sealing is achieved.

After successful injection, the reduction in pressure on the outer coating of the WaterproofX 100 hose causes the micro-ports to close. The micro-ports therefore prevents any infiltration of concrete silt and foreign bodies back into the injection hose itself.

In most cases, depending on the grouting material, the WaterproofX 100 hose can be re-injected numerous times with grout. This would occur at a later times, should the concrete gap change or increase in size. Changes in concrete gaps often occur due to natural movements of the concrete, meaning that additional sealing is required, which, in normal circumstances often necessitates some degree of damage or demolition of the concrete in order to re-seal the joint. The ability to re-inject grout into the joint on numerous occasions means that no damage or demolition of the concrete joint is required to fix unpredictable problems associated with ongoing natural/unpredictable concrete movement.


Profile: Hexagonal
External diameter 13 mm
Internal diameter 8.3 mm
Colour: Transparent blue
Metre marking intervals At 1 m intervals
Micro-port dimensions  
Length 3 mm
Spacing interval approx. 10 mm


  • Round injection hose with flush surface contact
  • Multi-injection possible, weeks, years later (when using suitable grouting material)
  • No limitations on the choice of injection material (PUR-foam, PUR-resin, epoxy resin, polymer gel matrix, cement)
  • Exclusive prefab accessories and assembly accessories
  • Best surface-to-volume ratio
  • Test certificates for multi-injection, cement injection & PUR-resin injection

Application Instructions

  • By injecting WaterproofX 100 with a suitable grouting material construction joints can be sealed up reliably.
  • Depending on the grouting material the injection hose is reinjectable.
  • The injection hose must be installed on the construction joint with a full bearing.