• Very Good Value
  • Why is Ultrafix the Best wheel?
    Its unique design in 5-16 range ensures when it clips on it stays on. It can rotate but not fall off.

What are Ultrafix Circular Spacers?

Conac’s Ultrafix Circular Spacers are designed for use in civil precast and commercial construction applications. The unique design offers 360 degrees of cover. The built-in sleeves prevent the circular spacer from twisting when in position, holding the bar firmly in place.

The central clip in the Ultrafix 5-16 model also locks the reinforcement, so it stops it from falling out even if the Ultrafix rotates against the formwork as the reinforcement is lowered. The circular spacer provides the same level of concrete cover, irrespective of the bar diameter in use.

Why are Ultrafix Circular Spacers popular?

Circular spacers, like Ultrafix, also go by the names wagon wheels, fast wheels, circulars or pile cage spacers. Circular spacers provide support in raked pile applications, where a reinforcing mesh or rebar is placed in a vertical position.

For example, circular spacers are designed to be used when lowering cages into pile holes or trenches. By clipping the circular spacer on to the cage, they keep the cage correctly spaced as it is lowered into the trench.

CONAC’s Ultrafix Circular Spacer will not twist out of the desired position, thereby ensuring your reinforcing steel is positioned exactly where you need it.

Applications of Ultrafix Circular Spacers:

• Civil Precast and Commercial Construction

• Columns and piers

• Bar spacers in conduit

Code Name Cover Bar Dia Pack
34UFIX15.410 Ultrafix 15/ 4-10 15 mm 4-10 mm 1000 pc
34UFIX20.516 Ultrafix 20/ 5-16 20 mm 5-16 mm 500 pc
34UFIX25.516 Ultrafix 25/ 5-16 25 mm 5-16 mm 500 pc
34UFIX30.516 Ultrafix 30/ 5-16 30 mm 5-16 mm 500 pc
34UFIX35.516 Ultrafix 35/ 5-16 35 mm 5-16 mm 250 pc
34UFIX40-516 Ultrafix 40/ 5-16 40 mm 5-16 mm 250 pc
34UFIX50.516 Ultrafix 50/ 5-16 50 mm 5-16 mm 250 pc

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