Ausfix HD

  • Gal tie wire
  • 65 MPA Concrete Spacer
  • Larger support area than Ausfix
  • Available in Circular and Square cross-section

What is Ausfix HD?

CONAC Ausfix HD is Actech's 100% concrete spacer. They are manufactured with galvanised wires for tying the reinforcement to the spacers. Actech's Ausfix HD are also known as aspros.

The primary advantage of the CONAC concrete spacers is that they have a high load capacity and are corrosion resistant. These concrete spacers provide support for both reinforcing mesh and reinforcement bars, always ensuring that the correct cover is achieved.

Concrete block spacers are available in sizes from 25 mm to 100 mm cover. Their high load capacity means they are ideal for the construction of roads, bridges and external balconies. Furthermore, if your project requires concrete spacers to have longer tie wires, Actech provides you this option.

Why are Concrete Spacers popular?

Concrete spacers and bar supports are made of the same material as the poured concrete, so thermal expansion and contraction are equal. And because they are the same material, the concrete and spacers will bond. No gaps!

Concrete spacers and bar support help maintain material integrity and uniformity of the concrete and provide a cover over the reinforcement that protects against corrosion.

Compliance Standards of Actech's Concrete Spacers:

Ausfix HD complies with QLD, NSW, VIC and WA government Bridge and Road requirements. 

What are the advantages of CONAC Concrete Spacers?

• High load capacity concrete (complies with the AS:NZS 2425:2015 Standard with 300 kg Rating)
• Available with standard tie wire for all covers
• Ideal for concrete elements in roads, bridges and other infrastructure
• Cement-bound spacers, no heat/cold deformation
• Absolute guarantee of consistent concrete cover
• Various attachment options for quick and easy use
• Homogeneous bond resulting in no hairline cracks between spacer and concrete
• Fire-resistant according to the maximum requirements of DIN 4102 - Class A1 (non-flammable) "

Code Cover Pcs. / bag Bags/pallet Pcs./Pallet Pallet Wt.
35AUSHD.20 20 mm 250 45 11250 768 kg.
35AUSHD.25 25 mm 250 45 11250 813 kg.
35AUSHD.30 30 mm 250 35 8750 743 kg.
35AUSHD.35 35 mm 250 30 7500 709 kg.
35AUSHD.40 40 mm 200 30 6000 640 kg.
35AUSHD.45 45 mm 200 30 6000 862 kg.
35AUSHD.50 50 mm 200 30 6000 928 kg.
35AUSHD.55 55 mm 125 25 5000 763 kg.
35AUSHD.60 60 mm 100 50 5000 1050 kg.
35AUSHD.65 65 mm 100 30 3000 775 kg.
35AUSHD.70 70 mm 80 50 4000 1040 kg.
35AUSHD.75 75 mm 60 50 3000 825 kg.
35AUSHD.80 80 mm 60 50 3000 1050 kg.

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