Fast Clip Mesh

  • Complies with AS:NZS 2425:2015 Standard
  • 120 kg Rating
  • Easy Clip - On
  • Minimal Exposure

Fast Clip Mesh Plastic Bar Chairs are versatile in nature since they can support both bar and mesh reinforcement bars used in precast, tilt-up and concrete panel application.

Fast Clip Mesh Plastic Bar Chairs are designed keeping the user in mind. They easily clip on at the intersection of reinforcement bars in mesh to provide a high degree of stability and strength.

Fast Clip Mesh Plastic Bar Chairs comply with AS:NZS 2425:2015 standard with a load rating of 60 kg. Moreover, to meet your requirements, these plastic spacers come in various sizes providing covers from 20 mm up to 75 mm.

Fast Clip Mesh Plastic Bar Chairs have minimal exposure thus making them ideal for precast panel manufacturers. Also, fast clip mesh also have extensions ranging from 25mm to 75 mm, just in case you need a larger cover.

Code Name Cover Pack
32FCM20 Fast Clip Mesh 20 20 mm 100
32FCM25 Fast Clip Mesh 25 25 mm 100
32FCM30 Fast Clip Mesh 30 30 mm 100
32FCM40 Fast Clip Mesh 40 40 mm 100
32FCM50 Fast Clip Mesh 50 50 mm 100
32FCM65 Fast Clip Mesh 65 65 mm 100
32FCM75 Fast Clip Mesh 75 75 mm 100
Extension for M Chairs
Code Name Length Pack
32FEC25 Fast Clip Mesh Extension 25 25 mm 100
32FEC30 Fast Clip Mesh Extension 30 30 mm 100
32FEC50 Fast Clip Mesh Extension 50 50 mm 100
32FEC60 Fast Clip Mesh Extension 60 60 mm 100
32FEC65 Fast Clip Mesh Extension 65 65 mm 100
32FEC70 Fast Clip Mesh Extension  70 70 mm 100

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