We have redesigned this new site with the aim to make it easier for you to find products with a number of unique features including:

1. Category Filtering


By listing all our products in our range, you can easily check to see if we have the product you need by selecting an attribute value you need.

2. Enhanced Product Images



In the past (and on most other people’s sites), one image is used to represent all sizes a product comes in – for products like bar chairs / spacers, each size has slight changes due to different tooling. Sometimes these changes are subtle… but other times they are noticeable. Also, different brands may be similar but not the same – so you may prefer one over another. e.g. the feet on the spacer are smaller or domed showing less on the concrete in one product/product compared to another.

Accordingly, we have painstakingly taken multiple images of nearly all our products so you can quickly and easily see what you are going to get when you order giving you peace of mind.

3. Add to Quote Functionality


Like to get a price on a product, but too busy to call?

Just search for products on our site, and click on the “Add to Quote” button.


You can keep browsing building up a list of products and then checkout which will email your list of products.

4. Downloads Data Sheets


If a TDS / SDS is not listed – just go to our Contact Us page, and put in a request and we will get back to you ASAP!

5. Concrete HQ

Get the latest News, Tips and Guides as well as some interesting Case Studies of our products in action!


And if ever you can’t find what you need you can always contact us on the link below:

Can’t find help on your topic?

Send your inquiry here and our experts will do their best to help you.

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